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ESMA Chuck Norris System Programs for All Ages

For ages 4-6, the Little Ninjas program will help your child build a foundation for the martial arts as they develop coordination, balance, listening skills, safety skills, discipline and respect through games and drills.

For ages 7-12, our Kid's Karate program keeps karate fun and interesting while building core karate skills and instilling a sense of self-respect, self-discipline and self-confidence.

As their sense of self-confidence rises it then positively affects their attitude which then affects their academic performance in a positive way. The fear of raising their hands to answer questions disappears. Children schooled in the arts are more capable of dealing with the inevitable “Bully” in a very tactful and non-violent way. They are less likely to give in to negative peer pressure.

Martial Arts Classes Have Been Proven to Give Children...
  • The self-esteem to believe “they can do what they put their minds to.”
  • The self-assurance and personal confidence to say “NO” to
    unhealthy peer pressure when the time undoubtedly comes.
  • The poise and mental toughness to stand up to the bully without violence.
  • The ability and know-how to set and achieve powerful goals.
  • The physical fitness that will help them in any sport that they want to play.
  • The concentration skills to put them or keep them on the honor roll.
    The ability to be more responsible for their actions and not always blame others for their mistakes.

Our Teen / Adult Karate program is for ages 13 and up. As you progress through the ranks of the Chuck Norris System, you will gain confidence, get  a great workout, and build skills to defend yourself and your family.

Instruction for all levels is available. Whether you are a beginner of any age, or a national competitor looking to improve your skills, Ed Saenz School of Martial arts can help you reach your goals.

Contact Us today to set up an appointment to get started!

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